Bipolar Studio is a high end, boutique creative & production studio located in the heart of the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles.

We work with agencies & brands directly to execute stories & visuals. We obsess over details to maximize every pixel and minimize every line item.

Biologically merging film, art, science and computer generated imagery we create something radically new.

Practicing traditional and VR across all mediums.

Production Manager


Blur Studio producing stunning live action, animation, visual effects and design. Blur continue to grow not only as high-end animation studio, but also as original content creators, having recently helmed Netflix’s first animated anthology, Love, Death + Robots.

Departments Coordinator

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MAD GOD is a fully practical stop-motion film set in a Miltonesque world of monsters, mad scientists, and war pigs.

VFX Coordinator


A young woman about to join the military meets a married woman with two kids and falls deeply in love, upending their entire lives.

Available on Netflix.

VFX Production manager

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A turf war has been raging in Oldtown for generations. On one side, The Syndicate - an evil gang of crank-head misfits, who has been set on...

VFX Production manager


A young Brazilian boy who has dreams of playing the beautiful game for his country encounters the reality of life in the slums. In one morning during a game, his soccer dreams are challenged by circumstances beyond his reach and understanding

Currently in development


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The film is about an old Bear who works a day job ringing the clock-tower bell every hour. 



THE WORLD OF STEAM.  In 2009, inspired by the writing of Jules Verne, HG Wells, Mary Shelley, Jane Austin and Charlotte Bronte, Matt King started to write stories in his own Steampunk Universe, and thus The World of Steam was born. 

VFX Production manager

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I want to push my limit; I have been developing shorts to test my range of abilities.

Whether, it's animation or live-action I wanted to push myself to bring the ideas to life, even if it's amateur work. I believed that it's better to take action and learned from your mistakes, then stayed in the same place because you're afraid to fail.




"It was wonderful working with Anh at Blur Studios. While I was there I was on the Pipeline team and when she came in there was need for organization and project management. With the lack of a supervisor in our department, she quickly stepped in and filled the gaps of communication between our Pipeline team and the leadership in the studio. She became an essential key player in all interdepartmental communication and helped enforce milestones for our team along with many other departments."

Rebecca Bever

Sr. Core Developer at Marvel Studios


“Anh is highly attuned to the constant shifts and trends in the entertainment industry, is always up-to-date in the latest technology, and can quickly adapt and pivot depending on production needs. She is not afraid to give poignant feedback and explore new ideas, but is able to quickly recognize infertile ground, a decided advantage in every creative production.When the film was going through script changes, Anh effectively reallocated teams, schedules, shots and successfully completed the new film scope within the original deadline.”

Eve Skylar

Lead Concept Artist at Google


“I was developing an animation short film and Anh was highly recommended as one of the best producers in the university’s animation department, which had more than 1500 students at the time. I have been working with Anh in this animation project for 3 years. She is highly intelligent, capable, professional and hard working. Her overall intelligence is also reflected on her good teamwork skills in working with the animators. At a personal level, Anh is a well disciplined with a pleasant personality. She goes well beyond the producer requirements in the quantity and quality, putting in a lot of extra work.”

Eduardo Rufeisen

Founder and CEO at DeGoya Productions LLC


“Anh is an extremely capable and well-organized producer. She has a deep understanding of the animation pipeline, and is therefore successfully able to work with artists in both a creative and technical capacity. Her calm demeanor and problem solving skills put her team at ease as she tackles organizational and management issues. While working on projects with Anh, I always admired her ability to simplify complicated processes and her leadership skills.”

Haley Kannall

Creative Development Specialist at Nimble Collective, Inc.

Katy Callaway

“Anh is ALWAYS on top of it. You know you've found someone really organized and thorough when they've been there for 3 months and the higher ups are asking HER questions. That's exactly who Anh is. She was the coordinator of the Technical Animation department when I was a cloth/hair artist at Blur Studio, and that department has never run so smooth. Anh is always being poached by other departments for help because of how well she has done in Tech Anim. I'll miss her organization and drive everywhere I go from here on out!”

Katy Callaway

Character FX Artist at DreamWorks Animation



Media Buzz


May 10, 2018

Apple covered one of my lead composer for a piece he did on Day Job. One of the best artist and crew I had have the chance to work with.

Check out Steven's website here

Artist check in

Artist check in

Production Review

Production Review

Final Review section

Final Review section

Set Review

Set Review


February 24, 2016

I was part of StudioX, the Academy of Arts in-house studio. They are well know in the industry for creating Studio quality pictures and producing top notch artists and producers.

Many of StudioX's projects got nominated in the Oscar, in this particular article San Francisco local news cover a story on us.

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Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 12.06.05 AM.png


August 10, 2018

Feeling proud! My University ranked top 10 for the best VFX school in 2018.

"Its school of Animation & Visual Effects offers BFA and MFA programs in animation and visual effects. Its Studio X program lets 
students collaborate on real projects — like the VFX for a low-budget indie by a then-unknown filmmaker out of USC. His name? Ryan Coogler. The project: Fruitvale Station."


August 23, 2018

When I decided to become a producer, I didn't know how much I will fall in love with the process. Production has became my passion and dominated a large part of my life. It had its up and down, but I had learned to enjoy every moments.

These are some of the highlight of my journey.

At the Tippett's Studio. Mad God

At the Tippett's Studio. Mad God

At SF Film Festival. AWOL

At SF Film Festival. AWOL

At Carmel Film Festival. Menino Do Rio

At Carmel Film Festival. Menino Do Rio

Day Job production Crew.

Day Job production Crew.

The Producers

The Producers



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